[teqc] note on '-tbin' option

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Oct 26 15:00:01 MDT 2016

excerpt from 'helpful tip of week 1917' http://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2016/002152.html :

 > The only tricky thing -- and I sometimes forget this myself -- is to additionally
 > have in any command line using '-tbin':
 > '+obs +' if you want GNSS observables
 > '+nav +[...] if you want GNSS navigation messages
 > '+met +' if you want meteorologic data
 > ... assuming these quantities are in the input.  (I'm trying to figure out some
 > strategies for automatically setting these in some cases, such as the important
 > case of N RINEX files of same type to M RINEX files of same type as input.)

It turns out that for the case of "N RINEX files of same type to M RINEX files of
same type as input" you do _not_ have to set '+obs +', etc. if you are testing
the 2016Oct18 beta version.  It also turns out that the only problem case was that
for RINEX GNSS observation files, thus requiring '+obs +' for version prior to Oct 17th.
On Oct 17th I made a correction for another '-tbin' issue which also fixed the
problem for RINEX GNSS observation files.  (For RINEX nav or met files, there
was no problem going back a long ways.)

Upshot: if you using '-tbin' with RINEX files, in and out, then you don't have to
worry about any of the '+obs', '+nav', or '+met' stuff -- as long as you are using
a version of teqc after 17 Oct 2016.


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