[teqc] Conversion of Leica MDB with receiver firmware v. 7.01

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Nov 3 07:48:33 MDT 2016

dear Sam,

This is all very interesting, especially the part on that Leica page that says:

Important Notice for UNAVCO-TEQC Users:
Customers using the UNAVCO software TEQC to convert MDB to RINEX require a new version of TEQC, for the same reason as noted above.
For more information please contact UNAVCO.

... which means contacting me, which you did.  Except I don't know anything about this!

Even though I've been making tweaks to reading MDB over the years (including even
the last few months) the last MDB record that I added was back in Feb 2009 (record 119),
which in teqc is GNSS capable for GPS, SBAS, GLONASS (except for CDMA G3 observables),
and Galileo.

Looking at the proprietary Leica documentation that I have:

GPS System 1200 and 1300: Measurement DB Firmware V3.10 (dated 03.02.2015)
GPS System 1200 Measurement DB SmartWorx V9.20 (GRX only) (dated 03.02.2015)

... and both of these, from early last year, only mention record 119 for observation data.

This is even stranger because I've been in contact with some people at Leica over the
last year and no one has mentioned anything new in the MDB format coming down the line.

So there you have it: I have no information from Leica about new GNSS records in
firmware v. 7.01, and therefore no version of teqc will read their new MDB GNSS records.


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On 03-Nov-16 04:04 AM, Samuel Doyle [sdd08] wrote:
> Dear Lou,
> I’m wondering whether the current version of TEQC supports the conversion of Leica MDB format to RINEX when the receiver firmware is version
> 7.01?
> Changes to the MDB format with firmware v.7.01 are noted on Leica’s website
> here: http://w3.leica-geosystems.com/de/page_disclaimer.htm?changelang=true&id=9921
> On conversion of the MDB files to RINEX, navigation files are created but observation files are not. Looking at the metadata returns an
> incorrect date (1980-01-01). I’m using teqc version 2016Apr.
> Thanks,
> Sam
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