[teqc] next official version of teqc on-line (2016 Nov 7)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Nov 7 09:52:59 MST 2016

dear All,

The next official version -- 2016Nov7 -- of teqc is on-line:
As usual, save a copy of your current executable in case there is some unexpected problem
with the new executable.

The main changes and fixes since 2016 Apr 1 are given in detail at
but here's a very brief summary about this release:

- is ready for the next UTC leap second insertion, which will occur at the end of Dec 2016

- does not require the '-max_rx_SVs' option regardless of the number of SVs being tracked
when reading any of the following raw data formats (i.e. all of the following formats include
a CRC or checksum for each record or message):
    o BINEX
    o Ashtech MBEN stream, R-file, and U-file
    o CMC binary
    o Javad JPS
    o Leica LB2 and MDB
    o Motorola Oncore
    o NavCom SF 2050
    o Rockwell Zodiac
    o Septentrio Binary Format (SBF)
    o Topcon TPS
    o Trimble RT17 and RT27 stream format
    o u-blox UBX

- has dynamic buffering when reading all raw data formats (which had been done for some
formats in the 2016Apr1 version and is now completed); this should prevent loss of data
as manufacturers add tracking of more constellations to full-GNSS data records or
messages and as some now incomplete GNSS constellations increase in size

- has a few fixes for the '-tbin' option (see July 12 & 13 and Oct 17 entries in log);
for more details, see http://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2016/002127.html and

- has a floating-point fix for sub-second setting of time windowing with '-st', '-e',
and/or the delta options where the specified start and/or end times are meant to be
equivalent to the actual start and/or end times of the input; for more details, see

- has initial support for IRNSS (BINEX, Javad JPS, Septentrio Binary Format,
Trimble .tgd record 28 and RT27 0x55)

- has an overhaul of the parsing of Javad JPS and Topcon TPS, making it compatible
with new JPS messages (e.g. [rx], [RX], [0d], [DX], [cr]) and other changes with fw
3.6.0 and 3.7.0, including the move of Beidou B2/E5b observables from the [*5] and [5*]
messages to the [*2] and [2*] messages starting at fw 3.7.0

- fixes a long-standing bug when decoding the relative phase values from Javad JPS and
Topcon TPS messages [*p] (i.e. [1p], [2p], ...) Note: This particular issue will require
a separate email for a full explanation.

- is compatible with BINEX that is available from the Septentrio PolaRx5 receiver

- allows decimation of BINEX 0x7f-05 (though with no observation or SV filtering,
and no endian-reversal of 0x7f-05 with '-r')

- does reading of u-blox UBX RMX-RAWX message (generalized GNSS observation data)

- continues the new option paradigm for the options:
     +O.sum, ++O.sum (though a couple minor differences from the others)
     +diag, ++diag
     +psp, ++psp  (was previously +dep in experimental mode and +epp for a while)
     +raw_nav, ++raw_nav
     +ion_p, ++ion_p (was previously +dump_i)
     +utc_p, ++utc_p (was previously +dump_u)
... adding to the previous suite:
     +eds, ++eds
     +event, ++event
     +rx_state, ++rx_state
     +slips, ++slips
... so please consult `teqc +help` if you use any of these options, e.g.
    [1304] teqc +help | grep diag
         +diag[nostics] .     output parsing and other diagnostics to stdout
         +diag[nostics] ..    output parsing and other diagnostics to stderr
         +diag[nostics] name  output parsing and other diagnostics to file 'name'
         ++diag[nostics] name append parsing and other diagnostics to file 'name'
         -diag[nostics]       don't output parsing and other diagnostics (default)

- has '+rx_state' options expanded to read:
    o BINEX record 0x7d (http://binex.unavco.org/binex_record_7d.html)
    o Trimble .tgd record 40
    o Septentrio SBF message 4014 (ReceiverStatus) for temp, 4101 (PowerStatus) for voltages (PolaRx5)
    o Leica MDB message 105 or older message 5 (Diagnostic): voltages in %

- has '+psp' options expanded to read:
    o BINEX record 0x05 (http://binex.unavco.org/binex_record_05.html)
    o Trimble .tgd record 29 and RT27 streaming 0x57-7
    o Septentrio SBF messages 4006, 4007 (and older 5903, 5904)
    o Javad JPS and Topcon TPS: [rE], [rV], [rT]; [ST], [TO], [DO], [PG], [PO], [PV], [VE], [VG]
    o Leica MDB 10 & 110, 11 & 111, 12 & 112 (initial reference position only), 13 & 113: but no clock info
    o u-blox UBX-NAV-SOL (0x0106) and UBX-NAV-PVT (0x0107): no clock info yet

- allows the O.sum options to stdout, stderr, or a non-RINEX file to be used
with '+mds' or '+meta' on one or more input files (note: '+meta' is not currently
defined for RINEX navigation or meteorological files)

- has numerous corrections/clarifications in the '+help' option

One small functional change that I want you in particular to note:

- the O.sum options remove any observable columns where there are no observables,
including using '+all' with raw data and if the input has no observables, you
should get a single output line stating this

As with the 2016Apr1 version, some builds are not available with this release:

- any HP-UX builds (due to a lack of access an HP-UX system for compiling)
- the Borland build for Windows; instead, use the Mingw-32 bit build
- the Mac OSX i5 gcc 4.2 64-bit build; instead, use the OSX i5 gcc 4.3 64-bit build
- Solaris Sparc 5.9 builds

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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