[teqc] Ashtech Z12 spurious rollover bug

François Meyer fmeyer at obs-besancon.fr
Wed Nov 9 05:43:25 MST 2016


A number of Ashtech Z12 receivers had a spurious rollover event 
at the week boundary this sunday ; it makes them generate 
raw files with bogus (1024 week late) dates,
both in the file name and the content.

It looks as if firmware had somehow determined that 1999 aug 21 
is still to come, therefore ceased to add 1024 to WN hence
jumped back to 1997 march 23 (WN 898) instead of 2016/11/06 
(WN 1922).

Proper week number must be supplied as an argument to teqc
at processing time. Data quality looks otherwise unaffected 
at that point.

Our sample is :
receiver type:           ASHTECH Z-XII3
receiver firmware:       1L01

but other colleagues have been affected, maybe with different

Can this be fixed anyhow ? 

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