[teqc] helpful tip of week 1922

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Nov 9 07:31:56 MST 2016

This week's tip: helping me (or someone else on the teqc list) help you

No software is perfect.  If you find what you think is a problem with teqc,
especially with a new release, here are some things to consider when writing
to me or to the teqc list.  Following as many of these as possible, given the
situation, can help a great deal.

o Did you try the last official version of teqc?

The problem might have existed in an earlier version of teqc, but it might now
be corrected.  (Trying the last official version is probably going to be the
second thing I look at when someone says there's a problem.  The first is almost
always immediately trying the current development version that I have here.)

o Did the problem not exist with one or more prior versions of teqc?
If the problem did not exist with prior versions, which versions?

Again, if you say something used to work and no longer does, but you don't
say which versions worked, then the burden is on me to try to figure this

o Specify which teqc build are you are using.  If you are able to try them,
does the problem occur or not with other builds?

If you are a beginner with teqc, the "build" the exact executable you are running,
say, the statically-linked Linux 32-bit build of a specific code version.  You can
find which build you are using by running `teqc +id` and looking at the build line
of the output.  (The build line is also inserted as a header COMMENT line into any
RINEX that is output by teqc so that anyone can see exactly what was used.)

o If many teqc options are being used, try to figure out, if you can, a minimal
set of options that still causes the problem.

o Include exactly what command(s) you are using.  If you are using a teqc config
file (see tip of week 1894 http://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2016/002067.html),
include its contents (since this may contain the pertinent option).

o Email RINEX or qc snippets in Courier or another non-proportional font.

RINEX formatting and the qc formatting from teqc is designed so that when these are
examined by humans, the characters should line up in columns, but this requires using
a non-proportional font like Courier.  If you send these in a proportional font
(as most HTML emails use), one sees a mess and I often have to re-email it
to myself to try to make sense of what's there.

o Don't email the teqc list with large attachments, especially large data files.

There's a 40-kilobyte limit on any email to the teqc list so that the inbox of list
members won't needlessly get slammed with an email with a large attachment.  Also,
unless I ask, don't assume I need your data file(s) to duplicate the problem.

o If possible, try to arrive at a minimal data set that shows the problem.

If the problem can be shown with just one or two epochs, there's no point in sending
along a 2-megabyte file.

o Have an informative and specific subject line on any email.

Let's see ... how many emails have I received over the years with the subject line
of  'teqc problem' or 'teqc bug' or just 'teqc'?  And please don't just re-use
the subject line from a past email from the teqc list or from me if the current
topic is entirely different.  Having a pertinent subject line is just plain good
email etiquette.

Some recent examples to the teqc of good subject lines (that involve possible teqc problems
or use issues):

o And, finally, if I find an actual problem (that is, it is not a user error) and I can
find a coding fix, do you want an interim build to test yourself?

And if I send an interim build, please get back to me on how it is working for you.

Happy teqc-ing!


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