[teqc] next official version of teqc on-line (2016 Nov 7)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Nov 18 15:07:44 MST 2016

The 2016Nov7 version has been available for almost two week now (as well as the earlier beta
version that was made available for the most popular builds in mid October).

Has anyone encountered any problems?

Next week, I'll summarize four bugs I know of, three of which were found and fixed this week.


On 07-Nov-16 09:52 AM, Lou Estey wrote:
> dear All,
> The next official version -- 2016Nov7 -- of teqc is on-line:
> http://www.unavco.org/software/data-processing/teqc/teqc.html#executables
> As usual, save a copy of your current executable in case there is some unexpected problem
> with the new executable.
> The main changes and fixes since 2016 Apr 1 are given in detail at
> http://www.unavco.org/software/data-processing/teqc/log/log.html#2016Nov07
> but here's a very brief summary about this release:
> - is ready for the next UTC leap second insertion, which will occur at the end of Dec 2016
> - does not require the '-max_rx_SVs' option regardless of the number of SVs being tracked
> when reading any of the following raw data formats (i.e. all of the following formats include
> a CRC or checksum for each record or message):
>    o BINEX
>    o Ashtech MBEN stream, R-file, and U-file
>    o CMC binary
>    o Javad JPS
>    o Leica LB2 and MDB
>    o Motorola Oncore
>    o NavCom SF 2050
>    o Rockwell Zodiac
>    o Septentrio Binary Format (SBF)
>    o Topcon TPS
>    o Trimble RT17 and RT27 stream format
>    o u-blox UBX
> - has dynamic buffering when reading all raw data formats (which had been done for some
> formats in the 2016Apr1 version and is now completed); this should prevent loss of data
> as manufacturers add tracking of more constellations to full-GNSS data records or
> messages and as some now incomplete GNSS constellations increase in size
> - has a few fixes for the '-tbin' option (see July 12 & 13 and Oct 17 entries in log);
> for more details, see http://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2016/002127.html and
> http://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2016/002164.html
> - has a floating-point fix for sub-second setting of time windowing with '-st', '-e',
> and/or the delta options where the specified start and/or end times are meant to be
> equivalent to the actual start and/or end times of the input; for more details, see
> http://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2016/002155.html
> - has initial support for IRNSS (BINEX, Javad JPS, Septentrio Binary Format,
> Trimble .tgd record 28 and RT27 0x55)
> - has an overhaul of the parsing of Javad JPS and Topcon TPS, making it compatible
> with new JPS messages (e.g. [rx], [RX], [0d], [DX], [cr]) and other changes with fw
> 3.6.0 and 3.7.0, including the move of Beidou B2/E5b observables from the [*5] and [5*]
> messages to the [*2] and [2*] messages starting at fw 3.7.0
> - fixes a long-standing bug when decoding the relative phase values from Javad JPS and
> Topcon TPS messages [*p] (i.e. [1p], [2p], ...) Note: This particular issue will require
> a separate email for a full explanation.
> - is compatible with BINEX that is available from the Septentrio PolaRx5 receiver
> - allows decimation of BINEX 0x7f-05 (though with no observation or SV filtering,
> and no endian-reversal of 0x7f-05 with '-r')
> - does reading of u-blox UBX RMX-RAWX message (generalized GNSS observation data)
> - continues the new option paradigm for the options:
>     +O.sum, ++O.sum (though a couple minor differences from the others)
>     +diag, ++diag
>     +psp, ++psp  (was previously +dep in experimental mode and +epp for a while)
>     +raw_nav, ++raw_nav
>     +ion_p, ++ion_p (was previously +dump_i)
>     +utc_p, ++utc_p (was previously +dump_u)
> ... adding to the previous suite:
>     +eds, ++eds
>     +event, ++event
>     +rx_state, ++rx_state
>     +slips, ++slips
> ... so please consult `teqc +help` if you use any of these options, e.g.
>    [1304] teqc +help | grep diag
>         +diag[nostics] .     output parsing and other diagnostics to stdout
>         +diag[nostics] ..    output parsing and other diagnostics to stderr
>         +diag[nostics] name  output parsing and other diagnostics to file 'name'
>         ++diag[nostics] name append parsing and other diagnostics to file 'name'
>         -diag[nostics]       don't output parsing and other diagnostics (default)
> - has '+rx_state' options expanded to read:
>    o BINEX record 0x7d (http://binex.unavco.org/binex_record_7d.html)
>    o Trimble .tgd record 40
>    o Septentrio SBF message 4014 (ReceiverStatus) for temp, 4101 (PowerStatus) for voltages (PolaRx5)
>    o Leica MDB message 105 or older message 5 (Diagnostic): voltages in %
> - has '+psp' options expanded to read:
>    o BINEX record 0x05 (http://binex.unavco.org/binex_record_05.html)
>    o Trimble .tgd record 29 and RT27 streaming 0x57-7
>    o Septentrio SBF messages 4006, 4007 (and older 5903, 5904)
>    o Javad JPS and Topcon TPS: [rE], [rV], [rT]; [ST], [TO], [DO], [PG], [PO], [PV], [VE], [VG]
>    o Leica MDB 10 & 110, 11 & 111, 12 & 112 (initial reference position only), 13 & 113: but no clock info
>    o u-blox UBX-NAV-SOL (0x0106) and UBX-NAV-PVT (0x0107): no clock info yet
> - allows the O.sum options to stdout, stderr, or a non-RINEX file to be used
> with '+mds' or '+meta' on one or more input files (note: '+meta' is not currently
> defined for RINEX navigation or meteorological files)
> - has numerous corrections/clarifications in the '+help' option
> One small functional change that I want you in particular to note:
> - the O.sum options remove any observable columns where there are no observables,
> including using '+all' with raw data and if the input has no observables, you
> should get a single output line stating this
> As with the 2016Apr1 version, some builds are not available with this release:
> - any HP-UX builds (due to a lack of access an HP-UX system for compiling)
> - the Borland build for Windows; instead, use the Mingw-32 bit build
> - the Mac OSX i5 gcc 4.2 64-bit build; instead, use the OSX i5 gcc 4.3 64-bit build
> - Solaris Sparc 5.9 builds
> If you have any questions, please let me know.
> cheers,
> --lou
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