[teqc] Issue with Nov 7 2016 version and RT27 stream

Mathieu Peyréga mathieu.peyrega at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 13:05:35 MST 2016


I'm using teqc for logging and RT27 to Rinex conversion from a Trimble
BD970 board

With the version from Nov 7th 2016 (latest public) I'm experiencing
fatal crash of teqc with following message :

! Warning ! Trimble BSTR id 0x10: file 'stdin' checksum= 0x0096 vs. in
record= 0x00e3 ... skipping record
teqc: measurement header elements @ 2016 Nov 28 00:00:07.000 detected in
Trimble record 27 or 0x57-6 in file 'stdin' beyond scope of current code
(SV_flags2= 0x28) ... exiting

This bug is reproductible at week scale time frame
(I waited to make sure of this before posting and also I had no error log done in my scripts priori to this week...)

I'm logging the raw data with external tool at the same time, I'll try
to reproduce this with offline conversion and can provide you with raw
data if needed (bug not already known)

I can also provide board configuration etc.

This bug was introduced between version April 1 2016 (never faced such crash with this version) and November 7 2016

Best regards

Mathieu Peyréga
tel : +33 (0)6 87 30 83 59

tel : +33 (0)6 87 30 83 59

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