[teqc] Issue with Nov 7 2016 version and RT27 stream

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Dec 1 13:15:20 MST 2016

hi Mathieu,

On 01-Dec-16 01:05 PM, Mathieu Peyréga wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using teqc for logging and RT27 to Rinex conversion from a Trimble
> BD970 board
> With the version from Nov 7th 2016 (latest public) I'm experiencing
> fatal crash of teqc with following message :
> ! Warning ! Trimble BSTR id 0x10: file 'stdin' checksum= 0x0096 vs. in
> record= 0x00e3 ... skipping record
> teqc: measurement header elements @ 2016 Nov 28 00:00:07.000 detected in
> Trimble record 27 or 0x57-6 in file 'stdin' beyond scope of current code
> (SV_flags2= 0x28) ... exiting

First, let's be clear here on terminology: if teqc is cleanly exiting, like in this case,
it's not a "fatal crash".  A fatal crash is something like a segmentation or memory fault
or a bus error, none of which are good.

> This bug is reproductible at week scale time frame
> (I waited to make sure of this before posting and also I had no error log done in my scripts priori to this week...)
> I'm logging the raw data with external tool at the same time, I'll try
> to reproduce this with offline conversion and can provide you with raw
> data if needed (bug not already known)
> I can also provide board configuration etc.
> This bug was introduced between version April 1 2016 (never faced such crash with this version) and November 7 2016

Interesting.  Ok, send me (not the teqc list) a sample file.


p.s. And for anyone who missed it, see 'tip of week 1922':

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