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Ruddick Ryan Ryan.Ruddick at ga.gov.au
Sun Dec 11 19:37:38 MST 2016

Hi Lou,

Lately we have started using Leica GR model receivers (GR25 and 30) on some of our CORS. We are using TEQC to generate daily RINEX files by splicing and converting hourly MDB files.

In the resulting RINEX file each hour has an epoch flag indicating "new site occupation".



16 11 25  1  0  0.0000000  3  0
16 11 25  1  0  0.0000000  0 21G01G04G07G08G09G11G13G17G19G28G30R01
120890541.329 7  94200470.61946  23004694.740    23004697.780          44.300
117381677.423 7  91466237.33846  22336989.880    22336988.400          46.600
108808686.314 8  84785984.52247  20705606.920    20705604.260          49.800

I cannot find anything in the receiver settings that would cause this. I wanted to check if there is anything within TEQC that may cause this to occur.

I have placed an example RINEX file and some hourly MDB files on our FTP server at ftp://ftp.ga.gov.au/geodesy-outgoing/gnss/pub/mdb_problem/

I have also included our Leica dealers in on this email in case they know something I don't.


Ryan Ruddick
Geoscience Australia

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