[teqc] Fwd: Trimble NetR9 Geospatial not recognized

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Dec 22 06:57:12 MST 2016

Thanks, Maurin.  But you and others should probably expect more of this in the
future because I haven't received an update on Trimble's receiver or antenna
type codes in years ... and they are free to invent new ones any time they want.


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Subject: 	Trimble NetR9 Geospatial not recognized
Date: 	Thu, 22 Dec 2016 10:48:16 +0100
From: 	maurin vidal <maurin.vidal at geoazur.unice.fr>
To: 	teqc support at UNAVCO and world-wide <teqc at postal.unavco.org>

Hi Lou,

The new receiver Trimble Netr9 *Geospatial *is not recognized by teqc:
*# teqc +ver*
executable:  teqc
version:     teqc  2016Nov7
build:       Linux 2.4.21-27.ELsmp|Opteron|gcc -static|Linux x86_64|=+
*# runpkr00 -d -g PLOE201611301500h.T02*
*# teqc +meta PLOE201611301500h.tgd*
? Error ? translation of 'PLOE201611301500h.tgd' may have started with GPS week 1928 rather than 1925
      (try using '-week 1925' option)
*! Notice ! unknown Trimble receiver type (Trimble .dat record 5)= 35*
! Notice ! incomplete code for parsing Trimble .dat record 32 (Galileo ion/UTC model) in file 'PLOE201611301500h.tgd' ... skipping
filename:                PLOE201611301500h.tgd
file format:             Trimble .dat
file size (bytes):       7407569
start date & time:       2016-11-30 15:00:40.000
final date & time:       2016-11-30 15:59:59.000
sample interval:         1.0000
possible missing epochs: 0
4-char station code:     Q
station name:            PLOE
station ID number:       PLOE
antenna ID number:
antenna type:            TRM55971.00     NONE
antenna latitude (deg):      47.746117
antenna longitude (deg):     -3.427332
antenna elevation (m):         75.135
antenna height (m):      0.0000
receiver ID number:      5544R50324
*receiver type:           TRIMBLE *
receiver firmware:       5.14


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