[teqc] teqc version 2017Sep1: one bug found

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Sep 7 13:46:25 MDT 2017


One bug has been found, for any version of teqc since 18 Aug 2017 until
this bug was fixed on 5 Sept 2017:

If reading a RINEX observation file that contains an "epoch flag" = 5
(which is for an external event recorded by the receiver) when using
the '+meta' option, teqc goes into an infinite loop and does not finish.
(The "short metadata" option, '+mds', works fine and finishes as expected.)

Since having "epoch flag" = 5 in a RINEX observation file is rare,
except perhaps for some surveying applications, the likelihood of running
into this particular bug is not very high.  However, here at UNAVCO we
do get RINEX obs files from the IGS for a couple of reference sites,
created by Javad's JPS2RIN V1.2.25 from data from Javad TRE_G3TH Delta
receivers where a few RINEX files do occasionally have these.  (There's
nothing wrong with JPS2RIN; what it is doing is perfectly legitimate.)

If anyone besides us is running into this bug and needs and interim build,
please let me know.


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