[teqc] next official version of teqc on-line (2017 Sep 15)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Sep 15 08:17:52 MDT 2017

dear All,

The next official version -- 2017Sep15 -- of teqc is on-line:
As usual, save a copy of your current executable in case there is some unexpected problem
with the new executable.

Note: This is an updated version of the 2017Sep1 version, with a few minor improvements
and a few minor bug fixes.  If you have already tested the 2017Sep1 version, the
2017Sep15 is nearly identical except for the few points below.

The main changes and fixes since 2017 Sept 1 are given in detail in reverse
chronological order starting at:
http://www.unavco.org/software/data-processing/teqc/log/log.html#2017Sep01 --
but here's a brief summary about changes between this release and the last one:

- the infinite-loop bug found in 2017Sep1 version, when reading a RINEX observation
file containing epoch flag = 5 "external events" and also using the '+meta' option
(see https://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2017/002325.html for more information)
has been fixed

- the '+event' output options should now work if also including the '+meta' option
when reading RINEX observation files (note: this combination of options did work
correctly in the 2017Sep1 version when reading raw data files)

- a minor formatting bug when putting together external event information in Leica MDB
record 113 (0x71) was fixed

- the "elevation" of default WGS84 XYZ = 0 0 0 when using '+meta' on input (and teqc does not
find an antenna position in the input) was corrected for lat = 90 to show -b_WGS84 instead
of -a_WGS84

As with the 2017Sep1 version, some builds are not available with this release:

- any HP-UX builds (due to a lack of access an HP-UX system for compiling)
- the Borland build for Windows; instead, use the Mingw-32 bit build
- the Mac OSX i5 gcc 4.2 64-bit build; instead, use the OSX i5 gcc 4.3 64-bit build
- Solaris Sparc 5.9 builds

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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