[teqc] GLONAS SV ID 255 filter?

Isaac Hoyas Ester isaac.hoyas.ester at rokubun.cat
Fri Jan 12 08:33:44 MST 2018


Hi Lou, 

That sounds great, if for whatever reason, now or in the future, you
need ublox raw data let me know, I have a permanent base station (Ublox
NEO-M8T receiver) so I can provide access to large quantities of ubx
formatted files (1Hz by now). 


A 12.01.2018 04:20 PM, Lou Estey escrigué: 

> My plan is to skip all SV information for any SV id in UBX RMX-RAWX messages
> which is outside of the accepted norm for that constellation, i.e. any such
> case would automatically be filtered out. Up to this point, from limited
> teqc-user feedback on UBX RMX-RAWX, there had not been any case of SV ids
> outside of the accepted norm for any constellation.
> --lou
> On 12-Jan-18 08:11 AM, Isaac Hoyas Ester wrote:
>> Hi Lou, Excelent, I will certainly follow the instructions you are providing in the previous post and see how everything works out (I also have to check what happens with RTKLib behaviour) May I ask what rationale are you planning to implement in TEQC regarding R255s observations, personally I would like the option to completely eliminate (filter out) all those instances given the fact (please correct me if I'm wrong) there is no way to reliably assign a "proper" (is it 1 to 24?) slot number to those observations and this seems to be causing post processing issues within RTKLib Many thanks Isaac --- ===================================== Isaac Hoyas Ester Rokubun S.L. MediaTIC Bldg, 2nd floor Roc Boronat 117 08018 Barcelona. Spain http://www.rokubun.cat [1] e-mail:isaac.hoyas.ester at rokubun.cat phone:+34 935 511 490 skype:isaac_h_e. =====================================

[1] http://www.rokubun.cat
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