[teqc] GLONAS SV ID 255 filter?

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Jan 12 08:49:29 MST 2018

hi Isaac,

I'll try to get a fix to you as soon as possible for this.  (Now that I know that
u-blox firmware might put invalid SV IDs into UBX RMX-RAWX, I'm not going to trust
any ID value without validating it for the given constellation, so the general fix
needed in the two functions for reading UBX RMX-RAWX is going to require a little

Your use of teqc with UBX on this base station will probably provide pretty robust
testing.  Just report anything else from teqc's parsing of UBX from it that doesn't
seem right.


On 12-Jan-18 08:33 AM, Isaac Hoyas Ester wrote:
> Hi Lou,
> That sounds great, if for whatever reason, now or in the future, you need ublox raw data let me know, I have a permanent base station (Ublox 
> NEO-M8T receiver) so I can provide access to large quantities of ubx formatted files (1Hz by now).
> Isaac
> A 12.01.2018 04:20 PM, Lou Estey escrigué:
>> My plan is to skip all SV information for any SV id in UBX RMX-RAWX messages
>> which is outside of the accepted norm for that constellation, i.e. any such
>> case would automatically be filtered out.  Up to this point, from limited
>> teqc-user feedback on UBX RMX-RAWX, there had not been any case of SV ids
>> outside of the accepted norm for any constellation.
>> --lou
>> On 12-Jan-18 08:11 AM, Isaac Hoyas Ester wrote:
>>> Hi Lou, Excelent, I will certainly follow the instructions you are providing in the previous post and see how everything works out (I 
>>> also have to check what happens with RTKLib behaviour) May I ask what rationale are you planning to implement in TEQC regarding R255s 
>>> observations, personally I would like the option to completely eliminate (filter out) all those instances given the fact (please correct 
>>> me if I'm wrong) there is no way to reliably assign a "proper" (is it 1 to 24?) slot number to those observations and this seems to be 
>>> causing post processing issues within RTKLib Many thanks Isaac --- ===================================== Isaac Hoyas Ester Rokubun S.L. 
>>> MediaTIC Bldg, 2nd floor Roc Boronat 117 08018 Barcelona. Spain http://www.rokubun.cat e-mail:isaac.hoyas.ester at rokubun.cat 
>>> <mailto:isaac.hoyas.ester at rokubun.cat> phone:+34 935 511 490 skype:isaac_h_e. =====================================

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