[teqc] fixes and changes since 2018Jan11 release

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Jan 26 10:28:35 MST 2018


If you know of any problems with the 2018Jan11 release, please let me know as soon as possible;
please review tip of the week https://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2016/002187.html
before emailing.

Since the 2018Jan11 release (so no need to report any of these):

- fixed a couple of typos that were preventing the new '+x_tilt' options from working

- next version will ignore u-blox UBX RXM-RAWX measurements for any GLONASS slot # = 255

- if reading u-blox UBX RXM-RAWX with QZSS, the QZSS PRN should be correctly reported
   using the next version  (I cannot test this case, but if anyone has a sample file,
   I'd be glad to check it)

- reading and outputting RINEX met with SENSOR MOD/TYPE/ACC header lines should now
   show the correct sensor type on the second and following SENSOR MOD/TYPE/ACC header lines
   (instead of 'HR'; broken since at least early 2007)

- between 10 Feb 2017 and 31 Mar 2017, the qc ASCII time plot indicator 'N' (= "observation
   data present, but not able to do qc") was no longer output for any GLONASS SV with
   no slot-to-frequency channel number; this is now fixed

- there were some minor problems on occasion with the qc ASCII time plot indicator '-'
   (= "no data and SV is above elevation mask") which are now fixed

- fixed a condition for a very rare data parsing error that can occasionally show up in
   Trimble .dat/.tgd data that is probably corrupted

- fixed a bug that was preventing BINEX observation records from being output when using
   both '+binex ...' and '-tbin ...' and when the input was only BINEX observation records

As you can see, these are fairly fringe issues (unless maybe you are using u-blox UBX RXM-RAWX
to track GLONASS and/or QZSS).

Also changed for the next release:

- the functionality of the new '+GIo' (= "use GLONASS ICD orbits") is now the only way
   to do GLONASS orbits (i.e. the temporary '-GIo' functionality to use the GLONASS orbit
   position fitting and interpolation which has been in teqc from late 2011/early 2012
   has now been removed, along with these two command options)

- the SV position code was _slightly_ changed to remove one suspect correction that had
   been added in the last few months

- the '+smtt' and '-smtt' options (see https://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2017/002374.html)
   have been removed, but the internal functionality remains as '+smtt', which has been
   the default functionality in teqc since 25 Oct 2006


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