[teqc] GLONAS SV ID 255 filter?

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Jan 31 12:41:36 MST 2018

hi Robert,

What you are discussing is unrelated to what Isaac reported (which is a UBX issue that
will be fixed in the next teqc release).

> [...] I have a similar situation when trying to remove a GLONASS satellite that is not within the range 1-24.
> For instance, IGS station RAMO's daily 30-second RINEX file ramo3600.17o.Z downloaded from CDDIS has R26 observed. When issuing 'teqc -R' to 
> remove all GLONASS satellites, teqc throws an error of invalid slot number.

Yes, because if you use just '-R', this is removing the default R1 - R24, with
a maximum allowed slot number of 24:

[1215] teqc +help | grep n_GLONASS
         -n_GLONASS #         set maximum expected GLONASS SV slot #, 0 < # <= 64 (default = 24)

> When removing it exclusively, "teqc -R26 -R", this works as expected.

You can get the same result (removing all GLONASS, with R26 as a max slot number)
with `teqc -R1-26 ...` because:

when you use either one of the SV id # filtering options, e.g. '-R...' or '+R...'
for GLONASS, then the maximum number given is compared against the default maximum
(slot # = 24 for GLONASS, as seen above) and the maximum is updated if your maximum
is a higher value.

So using '-R1-26' or '-n_GLONASS 26 -R' or '-R26 -R' should all be exactly equivalent.

> If your fix will cover this report, I'll wait.

No need to wait; the functionality I just described has been in effect since 14 Oct 2014.

> Otherwise, is it possible for teqc not to do any quality checks on constellations when my 
> intent is to remove them altogether?

Yes, just filter out the undesired constellation(s) on the qc command.  SV filtering
was all described in tip of the week 1951 https://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2017/002277.html


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