[teqc] Missing information in qc report with teqc version 2018Jan11

Juan Antonio jgarmen at ujaen.es
Tue Feb 6 06:12:54 MST 2018

Dear Lou,

I have been using till now teqc version 2016Nov7 for editing and quality 
checking without any problem. My kernel is 4.9.0-5-amd64. I have changed 
teqc to version 2018Jan11 (dynamically and statically-linked, from 
CentOS and RedHat) and I have obtained always the same differences 
respect to old version. I would like knowing why it happens, if it is 
something that new version of teqc does not contemplate or it works 
badly in mi case.

Using option: teqc +qc -nav brdc0320.18n palm0320.18o

teqc  2016Nov7    build: Linux 2.4.21-27.ELsmp|Opteron|gcc|Linux x86_64|=+
       Processing parameters are:
       Rx tracking capability  : 14 SVs
       Orbit path spline fit sample time  : 10 min

teqc 2018Jan11    build: Linux 2.6.32-573.12.1.x86_64|x86_64|gcc 
-static|Linux 64|=+
        Processing parameters are:
        Rx tracking capability  : unknown
       (The line "Orbit..." is missing)

Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio García Armenteros
Servicio GNSS Bético-Rifeño. CEACTierra. Universidad de Jaén
Campus "Las Lagunillas", 23071-Jaén (Spain)
Ed. C6-104  Tfno.: +34 683750074

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