[teqc] Trimble RTX and teqc

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Feb 22 12:54:59 MST 2018

hi Evon,

The Trimble R10 -- or at least the one John had given the way it was set up -- does not
appear to track GPS L5.

You are correct that GPS L5 can't technically be stored in a RINEX 2.10 file and one needs
a RINEX 2.11 file.   But, anyway, teqc has been outputting RINEX as "2.11" for the past decade.

John's teqc-translation/RTX/GLONASS problem was clearly related to just what an R10 vs.
a NetR9 tracks on GLONASS.


On 21-Feb-18 03:17 PM, Evon Silvia wrote:
> I don't see L5 in your SUM files, but we've seen the Trimble conversion software drop L2C when L5 records are present from a particular 
> satellite. This can be corrected by ensuring that you're writing RINEX 2.11 and not RINEX 2.10, which is the default for the Trimble 
> software. Moral of the story is make sure you're using RINEX 2.11 in all conversion steps.
> May or may not help in your situation, but it seemed relevant.
> Evon

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