[teqc] Problems converting NetR9 T02 files to RINEX

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Apr 23 06:57:28 MDT 2018

Here at UNAVCO, our standard usage of Trimble's runpkr00 also includes using
'-f' and '-k2048'; see tip of the week https://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2017/002305.html
Not that including these options will necessarily be the cure, but you should at least
try including them and report back.


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On 23-Apr-18 06:50 AM, boissier wrote:
> Hi all,
> A few weeks ago we started using the latest generation of Trimble NetR9 (with the latest Trimble firmware : 5.33). We have problems 
> converting some "T02" files to Rinex.
> Our scripts convert raw T02 files into an intermediate format (TGD) using the "runpkr00" utility. Then TEQC is used for TGD to RINEX 
> conversion.
> Some files are convertible in TGD and others are not:
> OK :
> $ runpkr00 -v -g -d DSRG201804130000A.T02
> runpkr00:  Version 5.40 (Linux)
> runpkr00:  T01Lib: 8.63
> runpkr00:  DAT: DSRG201804130000A.tg!
> runpkr00:  Input file: DSRG201804130000A.T02
> runpkr00:  records: 6676
> runpkr00:  status : 0
> Not OK :
> $ runpkr00 -v -g -d DSRG201804140000A.T02
> runpkr00:  Version 5.40 (Linux)
> runpkr00:  T01Lib: 8.63
> runpkr00:  DAT: DSRG201804140000A.tg!
> runpkr00:  Input file: DSRG201804140000A.T02
> Segmentation fault
> I suspect that Trimble has added things in the T02 that causes an overflow in a buffer and thus a segmentation fault ...
> The problem is that I cannot find a newer version of runpkr00: the 5.40 version is the latest referenced on the UNAVCO website and the 
> Trimble site does not seem to distribute this utility ...
> Has anybody experienced this problem?
> Thanks in advance!

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