[teqc] ++config, no output for the value of -O.e[nd] with recent version of teqc.

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed May 16 09:28:16 MDT 2018

On 15-May-18 11:51 PM, Neville Palmer wrote:
> I have just today update the version of teqc I was running from 2016Apr1 to the current 2018Mar15.
> Some where between these versions it appears that the ++config option no longer returns a line containing a value for “-O.e[nd]”.
> Is this by design or unintentional? I have scripts that use this value. Can it be reinstated or is there another method for querying RINEX 
> files to retrieve a value for the end time (last epoch) of the file?
> Thanks
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> **GNS Science**** I ****Te Pū Ao*
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dear Neville,

Option '-O.e' is gone, gone, gone.  And has been gone for quite
a while.  (And good riddance.)


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