[teqc] bug not showing qc 'e' = L1 C1|P1 L2 C2 indicator in ASCII time plot

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue May 22 08:58:51 MDT 2018


I just noticed this morning that the 'e' indicator in the ASCII time plot
of the qc output, which is supposed to be for (RINEX observables) L1 C1|P1 L2 C2,
was not showing up for most situations, due to a one-letter typo error.
Because of this error, the indicator that would show up would be '=' which
is for the more reduced set of observables L1 C1 C2.  This might show up
more typically for GLONASS data, e.g. the current (and incorrect) indicator
presentation might look like this:

R 1|                         -2===============++                   _^L      |R 1
R 2|==+++                          LLL=============++               LL++++LL|R 2
R 3|========+^                           L+============++             LL====|R 3
R 4|+=======1====+^                           LL==========+L            L+==|R 4
R 8|                  L+==================++                                |R 8
R 9|======1L_           L++=========+?                           L+=========|R 9
R10|L======1M2+            LL============2^                           LL====|R10

whereas after correcting the error:

R 1|                         -2eeeeeeeeeeeeeee++                   _^L      |R 1
R 2|ee+++                          LLLeeeeeeeeeeeee++               LL++++LL|R 2
R 3|eeeeeeee+^                           L+eeeeeeeeeeee++             LLeeee|R 3
R 4|+eeeeeee1eeee+^                           LLeeeeeeeeee+L            L+ee|R 4
R 8|                  L+eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee++                                |R 8
R 9|eeeeee1L_           L++eeeeeeeee+?                           L+eeeeeeeee|R 9
R10|Leeeeee1M2+            LLeeeeeeeeeeee2^                           LLeeee|R10

(Apparently the typo occurred during qc generalization for GNSS made between
2013 Oct 16 and 2014 Apr 1 -- and no one has noticed and reported this during
the last 5 years.)

This will of course be fixed in the next release.


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