[teqc] teqc and "recent" rt27 format change

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Jun 5 13:37:15 MDT 2018

Did you test it?  But given the wording in the release notes, it sounds like Trimble
has introduced something new in RT27 where code in teqc would have to be changed in order
to use it.


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On 05-Jun-18 01:03 PM, Mathieu Peyréga wrote:
> Hello,
> i'd like to upgrade a Trimble BD970 board receiver that is currently in 5.21 version to the recently released 5.34
> http://trl.trimble.com/dscgi/ds.py/Get/File-881142/BD9XX_V5.3X%20Release%20Notes.pdf
> One of the changes states : Improve RT27 longitude velocity subtype.
> As my Rinex production chain is based on teqc parsing the rt27 datastream, I'd like to make sure that this change will not break things.
> Did someone tested those new firmwares yet against teqc ?
> Best regards,
> Mathieu Peyréga

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