[teqc] bug for GPS week 1022 and 1023 navigation messages since 2017Jul3 release

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Jun 11 08:18:31 MDT 2018


There was a strange bug introduced in last year's overhaul of handling navigation messages;
this bug did not exist prior to or at 2017 Apr 6, but did exist by 2017 May 17 and continues
to exist in the last official release of 2018 Mar 15.  (Thus the first official release
having this bug was for 2017 Jul 3.)

This bug affects the internal handling of the times of GPS navigation messages for GPS weeks
1022 and 1023, i.e. 8-21 Aug 1999, and only these two weeks.  The bug will manifest itself by:

    - showing unrealistic qc point-positions if using GPS navigation messages from either of
      those two weeks, or

    - yielding output GPS weeks far into the future for any GPS navigation messages being
      output if the input has GPS navigation messages for either of those two weeks.

This will obviously be fixed for the next official release of teqc.

I'd like to thank the folks at the NOAA/NGS Geosciences Research Division, Mark Schenewerk
in particular, for bringing this to my attention, after they accidentally ran across qc
results of data from mid-Aug 1999 that didn't make any sense for otherwise well-behaved sites.


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