[teqc] maximum allowed SVs (or rx channels) per epochs to be increased to 96

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Jul 10 07:46:41 MDT 2018


Stuart Riley at Trimble has informed me that it is now possible -- probably
at locations where a majority of QZSS, IRNSS, and Beidou GEO and IGSO SVs
are visible, and when tracking everything including unhealthy SVs -- it is
now possible to have a skyview of more than 64 SVs at one time.

In teqc, since 2010 Oct 5, the maximum number of allowed SVs or rx channels
per epochs has been set to 64, but this can easily be increased in increments
of 32.  (There is nothing the user can do to increase this limit; it is hardwired
into the compiled code.)

So the next release of teqc will have an upper allowable limit of 96 SVs or
rx channels per epoch.


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