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Brooks, Colleen (GSFC-694.0)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS INC] colleen.brooks at nasa.gov
Fri Aug 10 09:00:55 MDT 2018

Good Morning,

Im trying to find out some information about the QC report and what 
certain things mean. Ive read through teh interperting teqc's qc Mode 
output, and found a lot of useful information.  However im still missing 
some information regarding MP12 and MP21.

first off the code that i used to create my filename.##S file is as 
follows (its a 20hz file):
     teqc +qc -iod_jump 18000 -ion_jump 8 -mp_win 900 filename.##o

I am trying to determine the quality of the data we receive from the 
receiver based on some of the information from the S file.  Im looking 
at the tables under "MP12 RMS summary" and "MP21 RMS summary". I 
understand the tables themselves, but my question is about what is MP12 
and MP21 and what is the difference between the two.  And also should 
one summary be valued more heavily over the other?

And a second question, how many cycle slips is ok to see on a 
receiver/satelleite before we should become concerned?

Colleen Brooks
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