[teqc] problem with including FLL Measurements on Trimble rxs

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Aug 23 10:44:50 MDT 2018


If you are using teqc to translate Trimble formats to RINEX, and you have firmware
that allows you to include Frequency Lock Loop (FLL) measurements, you will probably
not end up with usable RINEX -- since the resulting RINEX from teqc will probably
have a total lack of observables in each epoch.

It appears that setting 'Include FLL Measurements' sets what had been some of
the reserved bits in certain bytes of bit flags in at least RT27 0x57 (the Trimble
stream record that holds the observable measurements for each epoch), and the same
might be true for the .tgd record 27 (the converted download equivalent of 0x57).

Teqc was written so that if any of these reserved bits were set, then the code
skips reading the rest of the record.  This was done to avoid a faulty translation,
since having any of these reserved bits set could entirely change the way the bytes
and bits in the record would need to be interpreted in order to get a correct

I've contacted Trimble engineers to try to get more information about this.

But for now, simply leave 'Include FLL Measurements' unchecked and all should be well.


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