[teqc] Clock slips and multipath

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Sep 11 07:01:45 MDT 2018

Given the one teqc Notice message during the qc:
! Notice ! reversing msec phase adjustment upon rx msec clock reset in 'bskr1591.98o' ...
and all the clock slip indicators in the ASCII time plot, e.g.:

  SV+--------|--------|--------|--------|---------|--------|--------|--------+ SV
   1|        __CCCCCCCCCCCC-__         __-CCCCCCCCCC-_                       |  1
   2|CCCCCCC-_                               __-----___           _-CCCCCCCCC|  2
   3|                       __-CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC-_                         |  3

my guess is that there was a translation error, which would have been common enough
for Ashtech data back in the 1990's.

What created the bskr1591.98o RINEX file?


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On 09-Sep-18 04:37 PM, khadidja Sekkour wrote:
> Dear Lou,
> Please find attached the QC full report of the station of Bskr.
> The result of teqc +qc -nav bskr1590.98n +plot bskr1591.98o command line indicates an increase of the sampling rate of about 780 sec at 12:45
> ! Notice ! reversing msec phase adjustment upon rx msec clock reset in 'bskr1591.98o' ...
> qc full >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>! Notice ! 1998 Jun  8 12:45:00.000: poss. incr. of sampling int. OR data gap of 780.000 seconds (min. dt found= 30.000 s)
> version: teqc  2017Jul3
> Could you please explain to me why clock slips are MP1 and MP2 slip.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Khadidja SEKKOUR
> Engineer on Geodetic sciences and Topography

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