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Good morning from

Engineers is that I have the following doubt and I ask the favor if you can explain me,

It turns out that by construction I like to send Rinex files of positioning that we do to two centers that provide a service called PPP - Precise Point Positioning. These centers are the natural resources office of Canada and the JPL laboratory of NASA.

I do this to compare the coordinates thrown by these centers with the coordinates that give me the adjustments using as a base, the stations of continuous operation of the IGAC

I did this because, from my analysis, the coordinates were "compatible", that is, they were all referred to the same reference system, ITRF08 measurement time

>From a time here, when I send a rinex file to NASA, he reports me the coordinates in ITRF 08 measurement time, when I send them to the Canadian office he sends them to me in ITRF14 measurement time and when I download the certifications of IGAC's continuous operation stations are given in ITRF14.

The doubt that assails me is. What is the reference system that uses the GPS system by default? How do I change the reference system of the GPS system? Are the ITRF updates taken automatically by the GPS system?

I will be very grateful for the collaboration you can give me


Javier Méndez

Bogota Colombia
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