[teqc] Merging two or more RINEX observation files

Alexander Thorp al at accord-engineering.com
Wed Dec 12 20:56:50 MST 2018

Section 3.1.4. of the TEQC tutorial addresses how to "splice" two or more nav files together into one nav file.

Is it similarly possible, using TEQC, to splice or merge two or more OBSERVATION files together into one OBSERVATION file?

Yesterday, I was at a site, and collected three observation files at a single point.  The third of these was long enough to submit to OPUS-RS, and I've already gotten a result which is satisfactory for my project purpose.  However, it occurred to me prior to sending the third observation file to NGS that I might combine all three of my observation files into a single file prior to submitting.  Because the single combined file would contain more epochs of data, my thinking is that it might be qualitatively better for processing than any of the individual files alone.

Dennis Milbert has apparently developed a program that will do what I am asking: http://geodesyworld.github.io/SOFTS/manyrins.htm but I don't know whether to rely upon it.

Alexander R. Thorp, PE, PLS

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