[teqc] Merging two or more RINEX observation files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Dec 12 21:34:51 MST 2018

Of course!  See tip of week 1914 https://postal.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2016/002144.html


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On 12  Dec  2018 8:56 PM, Alexander Thorp wrote:
> Section 3.1.4. of the TEQC tutorial addresses how to “splice” two or more nav files together into one nav file.
> Is it similarly possible, using TEQC, to splice or merge two or more OBSERVATION files together into one OBSERVATION file?
> Yesterday, I was at a site, and collected three observation files at a single point.  The third of these was long enough to submit to OPUS-RS, 
> and I’ve already gotten a result which is satisfactory for my project purpose.  However, it occurred to me prior to sending the third 
> observation file to NGS that I might combine all three of my observation files into a single file prior to submitting.  Because the single 
> combined file would contain more epochs of data, my thinking is that it might be qualitatively better for processing than any of the individual 
> files alone.
> Dennis Milbert has apparently developed a program that will do what I am asking: http://geodesyworld.github.io/SOFTS/manyrins.htm but I don’t 
> know whether to rely upon it.
> Alexander R. Thorp, PE, PLS
> Massachusetts

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