[teqc] Merging two or more RINEX observation files

lplopresti at enter.net lplopresti at enter.net
Thu Dec 13 07:18:04 MST 2018

Lawrence Paul Lopresti 12/13/2018

The recent teqc merging of observations files brings up some thoughts 
from the past. Back in time when I did a lot more observations than I do 
now I occasionally had a gap in observations when I had to change 
batteries. I used Ashtech Solutions and GNSS Solutions and recall that 
it could merge observations as long as the observation gap was less than 
2 minutes.

Does teqc have a maximum allowable gap when merging?

I know that if I needed to merge files that exceeded the allowable I 
would first try to fill in the gap using the old "interpolate" program. 
I have succesfuly interpolated from 1 minute files to 1 second, so my 
second question would be, does "interpolate" have a maximum observation 
gap with which it will work?

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