[teqc] Merging two or more RINEX observation files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Dec 13 07:24:51 MST 2018

No on the first question.  (Gaps aren't even considered when splicing with teqc.  Splice together
whatever files you want, as long as they meet the requirements given in the referenced tip.)

I have no idea on the second question because I know nothing about this "interpolate" program.
But I would advise _not_ trying to fill in gaps with faked interpolated data.


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On 13-Dec-18 07:18 AM, lplopresti at enter.net wrote:
> Lawrence Paul Lopresti 12/13/2018
> The recent teqc merging of observations files brings up some thoughts from the past. Back in time when I did a lot more observations than I 
> do now I occasionally had a gap in observations when I had to change batteries. I used Ashtech Solutions and GNSS Solutions and recall that 
> it could merge observations as long as the observation gap was less than 2 minutes.
> Does teqc have a maximum allowable gap when merging?
> I know that if I needed to merge files that exceeded the allowable I would first try to fill in the gap using the old "interpolate" program. 
> I have succesfuly interpolated from 1 minute files to 1 second, so my second question would be, does "interpolate" have a maximum 
> observation gap with which it will work?

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