[teqc] Re :Re: So long, partner. Gotta make tracks. (which here in the great American West means "Goodbye")

Zouheir Fatnassi zfatnassi at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 1 03:34:07 MST 2019

Thank you very much for your support to GNSS users community all these years

Chef du Service de la Géodésie
Office de la Topographie et du Cadastre 
  Le jeu., févr. 28, 2019 à 19:03, Sergey Organov<s.organov at javad.com> a écrit :   Lou Estey <lou at unavco.org> writes:

>      Farewell!  Adieu!  Auf Wiedersehen!  Au revoir!  Прощай!
>      Adios!  さようなら!  再見!  Tchau!  Ha det!  Farvel!  Ciao!
> Today is my last day at UNAVCO.  At long last, I'm retiring!

Hi Lou! (somehow "Bye!" still doesn't fit)

Thanks a lot for all your hard work grokking GNSS challenges! It was a
pleasant experience to work with you both remotely and in person!

All the best wishes to you, and may you score high, as usual, in the new

Best Regards,
Sergey Organov,
Senior Firmware Architect,
email: s.organov at javad.com.

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