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Nacho Romero nacho at canaryadvancedsolutions.com
Mon Jun 3 12:28:28 UTC 2019

Hi Alex,

cc2noncc.f is maintained by our group in the ESA/ESOC Navigation Support 


p1c1bias.hist sample file; http://acc.igs.org/software/p1c1bias.hist

CODE C1P1 monthly averages; ftp://ftp.aiub.unibe.ch/bcwg/cc2noncc/

the information from one of the igs information page ; http://acc.igs.org/

  * *Inter-Signal Code Biases*
  * Information on P1-C1 code biases (from CODE group at Astonomical
    Institute, University of Bern) <ftp://ftp.unibe.ch/aiub/bcwg/cc2noncc/>
  * File of historic P1-C1 code bias values (from ESA group at European
    Space Operations Centre) <http://acc.igs.org/software/p1c1bias.hist>
  * CC2NONCC (from ESA group at European Space Operations Centre)
      o CC2NONCC utility is used to convert a RINEX file from a receiver
        which uses the cross-correlation technique to pseudorange
        observables compatible with the modern pseudorange tracking.
      o Specifically, the C1 and if necessary the P2' (equivalent to C1
        + (P2-P1)) pseudorange observables of cross-correlation
        receivers are replaced by C1 --> C1 + f(i) P2' --> P2'+ f(i)
        where f(i) are empirically-determined long-term average valuesi
        as a function of GPS satellite PRNi.
      o In addition, a few models of non-cross-correlator receivers
        report the C1 observable rather than P1. For these types, only
        the C1 is replaced by C1 --> C1 + f(i) and the P2 observable is
        left unchanged.
      o the main program file header (cc2noncc.f) and the make files
        should be read for compilation and further instructions. Please
        use the p1c1bias.hist above with cc2noncc and keep it updated
        with the monthly P1C1 values published at the CODE ftp server
        (link above).

Best regards,

Ignacio (Nacho) Romero
Aerospace Engineer, PhD
Satellite Navigation Engineer @ ESOC Navigation Support Office
IGS Infrastructure Committee Chair
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On 03/06/2019 12:47, Adams Alex wrote:
> Hi there,
> Does anybody know what happened to utility cc2noncc.f and its related 
> file p1c1bias.hist? I did not
> find those two files which should be kept updated.
> If anybody knows how to solve that problem, could you please let me 
> know? Many thanks.
> Regards,
> Alex
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