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Nicolas d'Oreye ndo at ecgs.lu
Tue Jun 18 07:07:25 UTC 2019


It works for us. 

Suppose you have 
- several lb2 file from a GMX902 in a given dir (say WDIR)
- glonass orbits for the translation to be complete (say in ORBPATH/brdcDOY0.YYg)
and you want to create a rinex file for a given day (sat YYYY_MM_DD) from your several lb2 files

The following should help:
1. list your lb2 files as FLIST
2. teqc -leica lb2 +obs tmp.obs -st YYYY_MM_DD:00:00:00 -e YYYY_MM_DD:23:59:59 -nav ORBPATH/brdcDOY0.YYg FLIST
(or if no Glonass :  teqc -leica lb2 -st YYYY_MM_DD:00:00:00 -e YYYY_MM_DD:23:59:59 FLIST > tmp.obs)
3. edit header if you have a txt file describing the config or your station (config-STATION)
   teqc -notice -config config-STATION tmp.obs > STA_DOY0.YYo

Hope it helps


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> On 18 Jun 2019, at 04:20, Kevin Shackleton <krshackleton at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am interested in decoding Leica GMX902 and GMX910 data streams.  These devices are not specifically listed in the teqc web pages, though other Leica devices are:
> System 500 and 1200 LB2 binary format
> Leica MC1000/SR9600 LB2 binary format
> A quick test of a data stream resulted in a lot of messages that id 0x0e data is not handled:
> ! Notice ! 'GMX902.lb2': no routine for Leica LB2 id 0x0e ... skipping
> Is there an intention to add GMX901/902/910 LB2 data format to teqc?
> Thanks and regards,
> Kevin.
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