[teqc] similar commands yet different outcome

Vladimir Ivanovich vald.gnss.repository at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 11:12:54 UTC 2019

Dear teqc support,

If you could help?

I'd like to convert two raw data files into Rinex. One file is a javad
dual-frequency GPS&GLN raw dataset (*.jps), the other is a dual-frequency
GPS&GLN&GAL Ublox file (*.ubx, F9 series rx).

To convert the jps file, I use the following command:

teqc.exe -javad jps input.jps > RinexJpsOutput.rnx  (1)

Similarly, to convert the ublox file, I use the command:

teqc.exe -ublox ubx input.ubx > RinexUbloxOutput.rnx (2)

The file "RinexJpsOutput.rnx" does contain the whole set of L1 and L2
code,  carrier phase, etc. measurements, just as expected.
Unlike "RinexJpsOutput.rnx" the file "RinexUbloxOutput.rnx" has only L1

How shall I change the command (2) so that the resulting ublox Rinex file
has both L1 and L2 (E5) measurements?

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