[teqc] Runpkr00 trouble with 64bits file system

Juan Antonio jgarmen at ujaen.es
Wed Jul 3 18:59:59 UTC 2019

Hi Maurin,

I use runpkr00 compiled with 64 bits. Which Linux Distribution are you 
using? If you need Debian (deb) package, I can offer you my 
runpkr00_5.40-2_amd64.deb compiled by me. The original package is from 
Linux v5.40 RPM archive for i586 at 
I have been using it for years without problems.

Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio García Armenteros
Servicio GNSS. CEACTierra. Universidad de Jaén
Campus "Las Lagunillas", 23071-Jaén (Spain)
Ed. C6-104  Tfno.: +34 683750074
jgarmen at ujaen.es

On 7/3/19 1:56 PM, maurin vidal wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I notice that runpkr00 doesn't work on my new Linux server.
> After a lot of debugging, the problem is due to a 64bit file system 
> (xfs).
> The runpkr00 software is compiled with 32bit file system library and 
> crash when file inode are grater than 4 billion.
> The way to continue to use runpkr00 has to copy temporary the T02 
> Trimble file into a temp directory mount on 32bit file system to 
> convert it...
> Hope this will helps another tecq user!

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