teqc builds very old?

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Firstly, there will be no further updates too teqc.  It is frozen in time as currently posted, with the final version dated 2019Feb25.

However the fact that the executables are tagged with older versions of a given OS does not indicate lack of compatibility with current versions.  In the case of the Mac OS X version, I am happily running the final teqc compilation on OS X 10.14.6 in spite of the fact that it was compiled on a Mac running an earlier version of the OS.  We had been doing this to ensure backwards compatibility with older OS versions.

In the case of Yolande’s linux version, the fact that teqc was compiled on linux 2.x does not mean it won’t run on 5.x - download it and give it a try.  As the note *1 on the downloads page indicates:

"*1 crashes of one or the other build have occurred on various Linux releases; if you have tried the statically-linked build and it crashes, try the dynamically-linked build, or vice versa "

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> On Sep 15, 2019, at 9:37 PM, D. Sarah Stamps <dstamps at vt.edu> wrote:
> This Mac version is also old. Is there a new version somewhere?
> Best,
> Sarah
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> On Sep 16, 2019, at 12:55 AM, Yolande L. Serra <yserra at uw.edu <mailto:yserra at uw.edu>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My linux is vs 5.x and teqc only has builds for 2.x linux.  Why are the builds for such an old version of linux and is there a plan to update?  
>> Thanks!
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