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Dear Javier, 


I believe the following websites should be able to provide you with all the
necessary internationally accepted standards.




Kind Regards


john bosco Ogwang

MSc. Eng Surv. & Geodesy - (University of Nottingham), BSc. SLIS (KyU),
Cert. Geoinformatics (IIRS, India), Dip. LS (ISLM), Cert. SPEOG (ESSIPS &

Cert. Management of Land Acquisition, Resettlement & Rehabilitation (MLHUD),
Cert. Total Station and GPS Recievers (DataGrid, Africa).  

Graduate Member|No: 648         ......ISU

Student Member   |N0: 6419592 ......RICS

Member ....................CASLE

Lecturer | Land Survey

Institute of Survey & Land Management

P. O. Box 89, Entebbe, Uganda.

Mobile: +256 774 192498 | +256 752 047189




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Gentlemen good morning


The company where I work here in Colombia was hired to carry out the
diagnosis, design, materialization and georeferencing of a geodetic network
in the area of the coffee axis. I respectfully request, if possible, guide
me where I can get information of this type.

Thank you very much for the information you can give me




Javier Mendez

Bogota Colombia.

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