L2 GPS signal can not recorded completly using TEQC

Sidik Tri Wibowo, ST sidik.tri at big.go.id
Tue Jan 14 02:14:37 UTC 2020

Dear Mr. Louis H. Estey, 

I have tried using TEQC to convert TRIMBLE raw data format to RINEX ver. 2 format. But the result, the GPS L2 signal doesn't recorded completely instead of RINEX format downloaded directly from receiver. 
For information, I am using receiver TRIMBLE ALLOY S/N 5945R40132 and antenna TRM159900.00 SCIS S/N 5943338838. Here is the teqc code that i have typed: 
teqc -tr d +met cssh0060.20m +nav cssh0060.20n -max_rx_SVs 60 -O.ag "Badan Informasi Geospasial" -O.mo "cssh" -O.o "geodinamika" -O.dec 30 -O.r $runby "ossy" cssh006ac.tgd > cssh0060.20o 
Is there any mistakes in the code so the GPS L2 signal can not be recorded? Thank you very much.. 
I have attached the raw data and printscreen of the RINEX format result. 

Sidik Tri Wibowo 
Center for Geodesy and Geodynamics 
Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), Indonesia 
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