teqc dos not generate NAV-RINEX-file from ubx-data

Uwe Hessels uwe.hessels at bkg.bund.de
Fri Jan 24 14:43:15 UTC 2020

Dear Helmut,

you can use the -week flag in different options. Perhaps you can try the way, i do it:

-week year:dayofyear

year and dayofyear are the variables for the specific date the data were recorded.

I remember from the Ashtech Z12, that it also sometimes happens, that the gps week
was sometimes wrong. It depends on the time when the navigation informations are uploaded
to the satellites and when you receive it.

Best regards, Uwe.

Am 24.01.2020 um 09:51 schrieb albrecht57:
> Dear all,
> first of all: Thank you very much for your ideas and proposals. I am really overwhelmed with joy by all your kind help, so I want to inform you about the actual state of affairs:
> I've been asked, why I insist on getting ephemeris from the receiver while not grabbing it from the internet.
> This is a problem of the didactical design of my lecture: A special GNSS-receiver is dependent on the NAV-data it gets itself from the satellites. My special receiver can’t look into the data of other receivers nor can it grab the ephemerides from the internet. So it is better for my students to understand the working-principle of a GNSS-receiver when all the data come out of one receiver. So - for teaching-purpose - I am really interested in a solution which gets all necessary data for calculation via one receiver - as it did work for years.
> All the last days I kept on recording raw-files from my ublox-receiver and trying to translate them with teqc into rinex obs- and nav-files: All files recorded from sunday to wendesday morning are "good" files, which can be translated into obs- and nav-files. All files recorded from wendesday afternoon until saturday are "bad" files only generating obs-files and no nav-files. Wendesday noon is just in the middle of a gps-week so there must be a "missunderstanding" between writing the date in a raw ubx-file and the expectation of teqc in reading a date!
> The software I use for recording is u-center provided by ublox itself. Inside u-center I can see that ephemeris-data are received correctly and that the correct week-number is recognized. I suppose, that this correct week-number is written correct into the raw ubx-file. But unfortunately I don't know in which way!
> It must be decoded in a way, the latest (and last) version of teqc can not decode correctly in the second half of the week. Remarkably on older Version of teqc (I have still a 2016-Windows-version) works perfect.
> The use of the "-week nnnn" flag, as proposed by some of you, does regrettably have no effect.
> RTKCONV seems to be a good idea, because this graphical windows-version is more comfortable for my students, who are not familiar in using a command-line-terminal. Unfortunately I didn't succeed yet in producing nav-files at all. Neither from my "good" nor from my "bad" files.
> Because teqc is "end of life", I will now take a chance at ublox. I will keep you informed.
> Best regards,
> Helmut

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