old versions of teqc?

Matt King matt.king at utas.edu.au
Wed Feb 5 01:48:54 UTC 2020

Jeff, Yolande

I believe this is because -igs switch was discontinued in teqc. This is called in clockprep and can be fixed by editing the script to remove -igs. I did this in a simple minded way so there could be consequences I didn't see.


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Yolanda, can you give more details about the error you get? GPS-only data or multi-GNSS?

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Subject: old versions of teqc?


I am having problems with Gipsy OASIS 6.4, specifically I cannot run clockprep, and the Gipsy user forum suggests using an older version of teqc for this particular issue.  I have the latest teqc installed from 2/2019.  Is it possible to access older executables of teqc?  One forum user said their problem went away with the 2016 version of teqc.


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