question about possible reasons of satellite unhealthy state

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There is no way for teqc to know that information. The unhealthy status is set by the operators of the GPS system, and the only information broadcast is a binary flag healthy/unhealthy. But you can find information about the system status at the link below:

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Subject: question about possible reasons of satellite unhealthy state

Please, give an advice on how with qc or in some other way to find out with teqc why satellite has unhealthy state.

Namely satellite, not the receiver.

By now I see with the aid of Time Plot that some satellite is unhealthy (i.e. has ' symbols in its dedicated strip, or the satellite is absent in the plot, or just only reported as unhealthy but looks like other satellites in the plot).
In the report I also see that there is one string of text reporting that the satellite with specific PRN is unhealthy
But I have no any specific information on the reasons.
How could I retrieve such information by means of the teqc and its reports ?

What configuration options can be usefull ?

For some details I attached several report files with examples.

Appreciate your reply

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