Using -tbin option with +obs +

Åsmund Steen Skjæveland Asmund.Skjaeveland at
Wed Aug 19 13:07:09 UTC 2020

The teqc helptext says for the tbin option:

 -tbin # str          time-binned output with # time-delta (# = <N>[d|h|m|s]) and filename prefix 'str' (see also -ast);
                      for options +obs[file(s)], +nav[file(s)], and/or +met[file(s)], use '+' as filename of desired time-binned files

But I get an error message when I try:

skjasm at linux $ teqc -tbin 1h +obs + oldc2090.20o
teqc: command line option '+' unknown ... exiting

Trying to use '+' as part of a path name does also not work:

skjasm at linux $ teqc -tbin 1h +obs 1hour/+ oldc2090.20o
teqc: ! Error ! cannot fopen argument file '1hour/+' in r(ead) mode ... exiting

How can I make automatic naming work? I'm using Teqc version 2019Feb25, but older versions give the same error.

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