Request for help in splicing two Rinex observation files

Thomas Nischan nisn at
Mon Nov 29 09:37:13 UTC 2021

Hello Anik,

I’m not an expert on teqc but looking into your files your RINEX-3 converter can also output formally RINEX-2.
Your input files to teqc are not RINEX-2.11 standard conform. This format is only valid for GPS, GLO, GAL,SBAS.
You are using a file containing QZSS observations additionally. I suppose this is the reason for your trouble.
Your files are formally fine...

I recommend you our widely used RINEX-tool GFZRNX to overcome your problem. The tool is not that strict RINEX-2.11 format conform taking into account use cases like yours ...

GFZRNX - RINEX GNSS Data Conversion and Manipulation Toolbox. GFZ Data Services. <>

It can be downloaded via:

The splice command in your case  would be  e.g.:

gfzrnx -finp kh10291c00.21o. kh10291c30.21o -fout kh10290.21o -kv -f

-finp - input file names
-fout - output file name
-kv - keep version (standard output version is RINEX-3)
-f   - force overwrite if the output file is already existing

Please check the manual and license for more details …

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> On 29. Nov 2021, at 08:13, #NAHA BISWAS ANIK# <ANIK001 at> wrote:
> Respected sir/madam,
>                                     I am trying to splice two Rinex observation files, but I am not able to merge these two files. I am getting some error. Could you kindly help me to resolve the problem? I will be looking forward to your support. I have attached the rinex files and the error message with this mail.
> Thanks and regards,
> Anik
> Link for the rinex observation files and the error message:
> Rinex Files <>
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