SV: Request for help in splicing two Rinex observation files

Åsmund Steen Skjæveland Asmund.Skjaeveland at
Mon Nov 29 09:55:37 UTC 2021

It seems the problem is that TEQC doesn't recognize S84 as a valid satellite number. If I run your files through GFZRNX with the option "-no_prn S84" to remove that satellite, I get data that TEQC accepts. Thomas Nischan has already shown you how to use GFZRNX instead of TEQC to splice your files.


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Emne: Request for help in splicing two Rinex observation files

Respected sir/madam,
                                    I am trying to splice two Rinex observation files, but I am not able to merge these two files. I am getting some error. Could you kindly help me to resolve the problem? I will be looking forward to your support. I have attached the rinex files and the error message with this mail.

Thanks and regards,

Link for the rinex observation files and the error message:

[]Rinex Files<>
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