Request for help in splicing two Rinex observation files

Michael Rost rost at
Mon Nov 29 15:54:43 UTC 2021

Anik, To do what you desire in teqc there are two ways to approach this and
it doesn't require you to process the files through other software first.

If you are sure this SBAS SV has useful data and you want to include it in
the file merger you can set the teqc option to expand the max number of
SV's that teqc will allow.  The min starts at 20 so you need to add n+1 to
the argument (set the range one higher than the PRN - 20).  In this case
you would use the -n_SBAS 65 argument to teqc before your list of files

teqc -n_SBAS 65 kh10291c00.21o kh10291c30.21o > test.21o

If you just wanted to filter them out as suggested in the thread you would
use another approach and tell teqc to ignore that PRN while processing the
data.  In the case of SBAS that would be done with a -S option and a list
of the PRN you want to remove.  This example would look like this

teqc -S84 kh10291c00.21o kh10291c30.21o > test.21o

Both of these cases will get you a combined file with or without the SBAS
PRN 84 data depending on which case you desire.

I hope this helps.


Mike Rost
Software Engineer III

On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 12:13 AM #NAHA BISWAS ANIK# <ANIK001 at>

> Respected sir/madam,
>                                     I am trying to splice two Rinex
> observation files, but I am not able to merge these two files. I am getting
> some error. Could you kindly help me to resolve the problem? I will be
> looking forward to your support. I have attached the rinex files and the
> error message with this mail.
> Thanks and regards,
> Anik
> Link for the rinex observation files and the error message:
> Rinex Files
> <>
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