Galileo file conversion to RINEX

Brooks, Colleen (GSFC-61A.0)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS INC] colleen.brooks at
Wed Dec 8 19:04:49 UTC 2021

Good Afternoon

I have some javad receiver files that include Galileo data, and I am trying to convert this data to RINEX that includes the Galileo data.

My normal command to convert to a RINEX file using a GPS only file is as follows

teqc -javad jps +nav Filename.21n JavadFilename > Filename.21o

Based on what I have read on the teqc website, I believe I will need to add in a +E or +L5 or something like that but im not sure where or the exact format of the command. Could you help me out or point me in the right direction on the website.

Thank You!

Colleen Brooks
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