Splicing two Hatanaka compressed Rinex files

#NAHA BISWAS ANIK# ANIK001 at e.ntu.edu.sg
Fri May 6 11:28:49 UTC 2022

Respected sir/madam,

                               I am trying to splice two Hatanaka compressed Rinex files, but I am not able to merge these two files using 'teqc' command. I am getting some error. Could you kindly help me to resolve the problem? I will be looking forward to your support. I have attached the rinex files and the error message with this mail.

Thanks and Regards,


Rinex files:

[https://outlook-2.cdn.office.net/assets/mail/file-icon/png/folder_16x16.png]Rinex Files<https://entuedu-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/anik001_e_ntu_edu_sg/El3g2WBnsORLji-r3p7_Jt0BwL6empoQ0OLQfO8qMTL1GA?e=jo4uDM>

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