Trimble t01 files failing to produce valid data.

Camilo Rada camilorada at
Thu Jun 9 04:15:17 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I need some advice from this community. I have over a dozen of Trimble 
R7 and a few 5700 receivers that form a long term monitoring network. 
While preparing 5 of them to be installed in a new location, I found 
that the .t01 data files they produce fails to generate a valid .dat or 
RINEX file. The five units have the same problem. I'm trying runpkr00 
(both linux v2.0 and windows v6.04), and it produces a very small DAT 
file, and with the -v option reports a status 29 or 30 (is 0 when all 
works). I've also tried the Trimble convert to RINEX utility (windows). 
I haven't been able to get the newer versions of this utility to work, 
but older ones produce an error "gps time of week out of range".

I've also tried Trimble Online utility, and it fails with 
the error "Error: unable to convert to RINEX form".

A few of the produced DAT files did produce a valid RINEX using teqc, 
but they contain only 3 to 10 observations where there should be 
hundreds of them. Most of the DAT files just produce empty observation 

My normal workflow is with runpkr00 (linux v2.0) and teqc, and that 
still works in older files produced by this very same receivers. 
Although, those files are also older than the last GPS week roll over. 
However, the firmware version is 2.32, which should handle the rollover 

I've attached an example of a .t01 file that is failing to convert to 

Does anyone had a similar problem? Does it has to do with the receivers 
or the t01 to DAT conversion? Any known solutions or workarounds out there?

There is nothing suspicious in the receivers behavior. They report that 
they are tracking satellites and logging data. I've tried with different 
antennas and antenna cables, and the problem persist. I've used the same 
CF card in all tests, but I doubt that could be the problem if the files 
get written successfully. Could it be?

Thank you very much

Camilo Rada
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